Cubu flex life XL

Increased leeway when covering expansion joints up to 18 mm, especially with laminate

Cubu flex life XL

HDF core, sheathed with the chlorine-free polyblend based on PP/TPE, with flexible soft lip at the top and bottom.

Due to the thickness of the core strip, a tension lever XL (black handle) must be used.

Advantages at a glance:

  • More scope for covering expansion joints up to 18 mm, especially when used with laminate
  • elastic soft lips
  • easy to install
  • robust due to sheathing
  • chlorine-free
  • Formation of inner and outer corner as well as profile termination with the Doellken notched punch - no additional mouldings required
  • installation with Doellken hot-melt adhesive

Available sizes:

  • Cubu flex life XL 80 with 80 mm height
    1 sales unit = 6 x 2.5 m (XL 80)
  • Cubu flex life XL 60 with 60 mm height 
    1 sales unit = 8 x 2.5 m (XL 60)

Assembly is the same as for the EP 60 except for the repositioning of the tensioning lever. You can find more information on the processing of our products here.

Technical image

Installation recommendation

Döllken hot melt
Döllken Mitre Tool