Skirting profiles

The perfect finishing touch for each room. Learn for yourself how easy laying skirtings can be.

Technical Profiles

From the idea to product: high-quality products, stable production processes and just-in-time delivery.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are functional, enormously resistant and flexible when customizing the design of furnishings.

LED Strips

Linear LED systems from Döllken Lighting are flexible and capable of bearing loads.
Skirting profiles from Döllken

The right skirting profile for every requirement: the options for skirting profiles have grown to keep pace with the options for modern floor coverings. There are many options for providing the perfect transition from floor to wall. From solid-core baseboards to specialized profiles, the installation site will determine the model.

Choose the right skirting profile design from over 3,500 different types of floor designs.

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Technical Profiles from Döllken

Different characteristics require custom materials, colors, shapes, lengths and packaging. The finalized technical profile is a work of art that will balance all of the requirements in perfect harmony.

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Roller Shutter Systems from Döllken

Our systems are preferred for the installation of high-quality furnishings because they fill the gaps perfectly. The reason is that surface film can be applied into the gaps and thereby visually “seal” them perfectly.

Döllken roller shutters have been installed in hundreds of thousands of pieces of furniture. For decades, they have been acknowledged as reliable, high-quality products.

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LED Strips from Döllken

Döllken Lighting develops, produces and markets linear LED modules. We provide our services as technical know-how, high-quality materials and first-class service in all of these activities. Our LED strips and linear lights are the result of three unique components: conductive films manufactured in Germany, extruded sheathing and customized design of the strips.

Regardless whether the lighting will be used underwater, as interior elements or for accentuating façades, we will find the appropriate LED system for your application.

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