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Find the perfect decor for your floor covering!

Decorfinder description


  • Decor number manufacturer
  • Flooring Döllken color number for bar
  • Manufacturer of the flooring / collection Döllken product name
  • Available Döllken products
  • Color
  • Brightness
  • Structure

A few clicks to find your ideal skirting

Our decor finder will show you designer flooring and laminate collections from various manufacturers, to which we recommend a visually matching skirting board from our Döllken Profiles assortment. Apart from our EP 60/13 cored skirting board, we can also recommend other top quality products such as our Cubu flex life, Cubu flex life Premium and USL 60. Use the “Available product” output field in the results display to differentiate.

There are four ways to search for suitable Döllken products for your floor covering:

1. Enter the floor covering number of the manufacturer
2. Enter the manufacturer and collection (if you don’t know the exact floor covering number)
3. Enter the colour number of our skirting. You will be shown an overview of the finish, the available product and the floor coverings assigned to the colour.
4. You may select one of our products in the dropdown menu and/or filter by colour, brightness and structure.

A printing function will be available provided you have selected a manufacturer.
Some finishes will be available only on request.