Our corporate policy

As a globally thinking and acting company, we at Döllken Profiles GmbH always strive to provide the best performance in terms of quality and service, taking into account environmental and energy-relevant aspects in all our areas of activity and influence. We are a German, medium-sized company in the international group of companies of SURTECO GROUP SE and are aware of our responsibility towards our internal and external interested parties (customers, employees, shareholders, environment, suppliers, society and associations).

In order to be able to manage and direct the expectations and obligations placed on us (binding, legal and our own obligations, in particular with regard to environmental protection, energy use, energy consumption and energy efficiency) in a targeted manner and with the best results, we concentrate on the continuous improvement of our products, services and processes with the following focal points: 

  1. The quality of our products and services
  2. The impact of our actions and products on the environment
  3. The improvement of our specific energy consumption

Our understanding of the environment

We see it as our duty to protect the environment, to conserve resources and to avoid or continuously minimise environmental pollution wherever possible in the course of our actions, and we are aware of the influence of our actions and our products, also on the quality of life of future generations. In this way, we also want to make our contribution to stopping climate change and maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems.

By complying with legal and our own binding obligations, we aim to sustainably protect our environment and continuously improve environmental performance and our processes for the benefit of the environment and other interested parties. This also applies to the development and planning of new processes and products throughout their entire life cycle, including disposal.

Our understanding of energy

When creating our products and designing our processes, we strive to continuously improve our specific energy consumption (increase energy efficiency).

Decisions with energy relevance are also made taking into account energy efficiency aspects and life cycle considerations. In the context of necessary investments, we undertake to give preference to energy-efficient products and services as far as this is economically justifiable. The requirements of industry associations and our internal and external stakeholders are taken into account in equal measure.  

The corporate policy defined here is integrated in the overriding Group guidelines of SURTECO Group SE.

The active cooperation of all employees at the sites to which this management system applies is necessary for the implementation of the corporate policy and the Group guidelines and the continuous improvement of our integrated management system (quality, environment, energy). The management commits itself and all employees of Döllken Profiles GmbH to take this corporate policy into account and to implement it in their own daily actions. To this end, appropriate information is communicated internally and externally and resources are made available.


The trend-setting new Group structure of SURTECO GROUP SE reflects the vision of the perfect decor network: SURTECO GROUP SE offers its customers multifaceted, multifunctional and professional solutions from a single source. In doing so, SURTECO GROUP SE always has its finger on the pulse of the times - trend-oriented, full of inspiration - and close to nature. As experts for creative design and technologically sophisticated surfaces, they develop new ideas and products that touch - that make trends come alive. New possibilities. New experiences.

Across all sectors, SURTECO GROUP SE focuses on uniform sales activities and joint results worldwide and bundles its services. Its unique product portfolio is perfectly coordinated and serves international companies in the wood-based materials, flooring, furniture, kitchen, door and caravan industries as well as for the craft and trade sectors.
And all this with a problem-free technology transfer, precisely matched decor data, diverse designs and individual decors.