Tools and adhesive systems - Cleanly processed and securely fastened

A fast pace of work during installation, qualitatively flawless results and the secure fastening of skirting boards - these are today's requirements. To optimally meet these, Döllken Profiles offers a comprehensive range of tried-and-tested system tools and the tried-and-tested hot-melt adhesive fastening system for fast, clean and secure fastening. In addition, Döllken Profiles recommends a range of different dry adhesive systems.

Notching pliers

for notching recesses from plastic profiles "cable designs"

LVT Strip cutter

Strip cutter for designer floor strips

Mitre tool

for all Döllken Profiles solidcore skirtings

Skirting scissors

For precise cutting of profiles and profiles

Assembly hammer

For the installation of skirtings


Ideal for floor and tiling, grounting and painting


Roll-off device for fast and accurate application of flexible skirting boards

Dry adhesive tapes

For attaching a variety of our skirting boards

Special marker

Special marker for skirting board installation

Parquet set

Practical helpers for laying parquet flooring

Wooden wedges for laying parquet

Practical helpers for laying parquet flooring

Plastic wedges ribbed

Practical helpers for laying parquet flooring