Döllken Profiles: we’ve moved!

Investment of 10 million euros has been completed

After just 10 months for construction and relocation, we at Döllken Profiles were able to begin work at our extended main plant in Bönen, our old and new home. In view of the two lockdowns because of the coronavirus pandemic and other market challenges the outcome of which cannot be foreseen at present, this must be considered a remarkable achievement.

What motivated us to make the strategic move to combine all our operations at one site was and is the ongoing marked growth of our business. It was the associated increase in process complexity caused, among other things, by the continuing expansion of our product range that, alongside this growth, made this development essential.

Bönen is for us and our clientele the place where our successful solidcore skirting both first saw the light of day and grew to maturity. For nearly 50 years, beginning in 1972, this form of skirting – originally produced by Schock & Co. GmbH – has been developed and manufactured here.

All the Döllken Profile logistics and administration activities that were formerly undertaken in Gladbeck were moved, as a result of the consolidation, to Bönen in the fourth quarter of 2020. Some 150 HGV loads of semi-finished and finished products were transported over 60 km to Bönen. As it was not possible to close down while all this took place, heavy demands were placed on our management and personnel, not least because the end of 2020 saw Döllken Profiles required to produce its greatest output since the company was founded 25 years ago.

Thanks to the additional 10,000 m² available in the upgraded Bönen plant, not only our logistics operations will be able to reach new heights but 10 new production lines have been installed in the now available space. Another 40 jobs will be generated in 2021. We expect to recruit some 100 new employees at Bönen over the coming years. We will be operating a three-shift working day here and intend to keep more than 6000 SKUs (stock-keeping units) on hand.

The 239 personnel who work at Bönen in the meantime will not only be making solidcore skirting and technical profiles but also innovative products for Döllken Lighting.

With this excellent basis in place, it can be assumed that Döllken Profiles will be able to continue on its currently successful course in the future. This will be fostered by the fact that our international activities are playing an ever more important role. “Our systematic skills in the niche skirting market coupled with the ease with which professionals can process and fit our products make us interesting for many customers. Not only that, but we have an outstanding parent company in the form of the SURTECO GROUP with its superior expertise in the decorative surfacing sector that continues to win over new clientele for our products,” points out Hartwig Schwab, Chairman of the Board of Döllken Profiles GmbH.