the perfect finish for your kitchen

Practical and easy to assemble - our kitchen profiles are suitable for both professional and DIY enthusiasts.

Multifunktion profile Top Line

Product information:


  • Versatile use: as a perfect wall connection strip in the kitchen and bathroom or e.g. for concealing horizontal and vertical joints between furniture.
  • Finished with a modern real metal foil
  • Self-adhesive, simple installation
  • Clean finish with adaptable soft lips to walls and worktops
  • Hard-wearing surfaces offer a long service life, are abrasion-resistant and resistant to common household cleaning agents.
  • Basic profile: Made of chlorine-free polyblend based on ABS and flexible soft lips made of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
  • elastomer (TPE) to the wall and worktop
  • Cover profile: Made of a chlorine-free polyblend on the basis of ABS, coated with a real metal foil.
  • 1 VE = 10 x 2,50 m
  • 1 VE = 10 x 5,00 m (only 1046 brushed aluminium available from stock, other colours order-related production)

Accessories: in the colour black:

Bag of 10 (PU: 10 bags with 10 pieces each) for inside corner 90 degrees, inside corner 135 degrees, outside corner or end caps. 

or accessory sets:

SB: 1 PU = 10 pieces, consisting of inside corners (4 x 90°, 2 x 135°), outside corners (2 pcs.) and end caps (left and right 2 pairs).

technical drawing

  • Accessories

    Inside corner 4x90° 2x135°
    Outside corner 2 pieces
    End caps universal left and right 4 pieces
  • colours / decors

    brushed aluminium