Cleanly processed and securely fastened

Mitre tool

For accurate and jointless external and internal corners, the use of our mitre tool is recommended. All available solidcore skirtings can be workes with the mitre tool. This saves time, money and ensures perfect results during installation.

In addition, various accessories are available: case, press inserts for punching designer flooring strips (for use in the D 60 or C 60), clamping lever XL, and much more. The XL clamping lever must be used for working solidcore skirtings with extra thick core.

The mitre tool is also available as a complete tool box set.

You have the following 3 options:

Small box set:

  • mitre tool with protective cover
  • case with carrying strap
  • skirting scissors
  • press-on inserts
  • trestles
  • measuring template
  • clamplever XL
  • oil bottle
  • folding rule
  • pencil

Big box set with new HKP 2.0

  • small suitcase set
  • hot melt glue gun / HKP 2.0
  • adhesive sticks (5x orange, 5x transparent)
  • new strip cutter(adjustable)

Big box set with HKP 220 (old version)

  • small suitcase set
  • hot melt glue gun / HKP 220
  • adhesive sticks (5x orange, 5x transparent)
  • strip cutter

All parts are also available separately.

The Döllken mitre tool has been designed for the processing of original Döllken skirting. If used with other skirting products (e.g. wood, metal or plastic skirtings), damage may result. We assume no liability in such cases!