Modern design for any living room

The cored skirting board for all types of floor covering

Cubu flex life Premium

Suitable for the following types of flooring:

  • Solidcore skirting with real metal finish, making it an excellent design element for the sophisticated design of floors

Product information:

  • HDF core seamlessly encased in a hardwearing polyblend based on PP/TPE, with two soft lip seals (wall and floor)
  • Finishing with a real metal foil
  • Flexible wall and floor lips adapt to the unevennesses of the respective surface
  • The profile ends as well as the interior and exterior
  • Profile ends can be formed without additional blocks with the Döllken skirting board mitre tool from the profile

1 pkg. = 10x 2,5 m*

* also available in the early stages

Cubu flex life 40 with 40 mm height
Cubu flex life 60 with 60 mm height
Cubu flex life 80 with 80 mm height
Cubu flex life 100 with 100 mm height



Technical image

Installation recommendations

Döllken hot melt
Döllken Mitre tool