Teppichkernleiste 60

 Solidcore skirting for carpets

Carpet Skirting board 60

  • HDF core seamlessly enclosed in a chlorine-free, durable PP/TPE-based polyblend with cable channel
  • for gluing in carpet strips
  • for carpets with plasticized PVC backing
  • also available without tape (only 1013 white) e.g. for carpet tiles

1 pkg.= 20 x 2,55 m

Special colors available from 500 m


Tips from the professional: 

Please also note the processing instructions and videos on our Website, in the Döllken app or on Youtube.





Technical image

Installation recommendation

Döllken hot melt
Döllken Mitre Tool
Döllken Skirting scissors
Adhesive Tape UZIN
  • Colours/Decors

    1238 white
    1241 light grey
    1242 dark grey
    3023 light beech
    1243 black