Hamburg Style

Timeless, traditional design for all kind of floorings

Hamburg Style

Suitable for the following types of flooring

  • Classic style solidcore skirting for wood or laminate flooring

Product information

  • HDF core seamlessly encased in a chlorine free, hard-wearing polyblend based on PP/TPE, with two soft lip seals (wall and floor)
  • Profile ends can be formed without additional blocks with the Döllken skirting board mitre tool from the profile
  • Durable and resistant to climatic changes
  • Classic, timeless design for universal use

1 pkg. 8 x 2,5 m (Hamburg Style 60 mm height)
1 pkg. 6 x 2,5 m (Hamburg Style 80 mm height)
1 pkg. 7 x 2,5 m (Hamburg Style 100 mm height)

Technical image

Installation recommendations

Döllken hot melt
Döllken Mitre tool
[Translate to English:] FugenfillDöllken Joint Filler
Clamping device XL